Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zoo Video

Ok, here are some of the videos that I have taken while working with the animals at the zoo!!  Yall may not find them as enjoyable as I do, and if that is the case, sorry for how many there are [=

I mentioned before about how much I love Leela the red panda.  Here I am feeding her some fruit.  I love how she wraps her paw around fruit!  The next video is of the otters (asain small-clawed otters).  I can't remember if I mentioned this in my last post but the keepers refer to the otters as land piranhas because they are ALWAYS hungry and will eat anything they get their hands on.  And whenever they see us they chirp and chirp and chirp...

This is Luke, the lemur that left us a little bit ago.  Here I am feeding him some cheerios.  I love how he will reach out and grab my hand and pull it in closer to him!
Here he is eating a piece of banana.  He licks his fingers at the end of the video, very cute!

Some more of the otters!

This is Mi-Kal, the male bear.  He LOVES to chew on rope.  I am actually surprised that he gave up before he made it through the rope.
Kiak in the pool.
Ciela the tiger, during one of her training sessions.

This is the baby collard lemur.  He usually is just wrapped around his mothers stomach so it has been fun watching him as he has finally been bouncing around!

You probably can not see them in the video but I put some of her fruit higher in the tree so she had to climb to get it.  Turned out it wasn't that hard for her!


the Mom said...

Those videos are SO CUTE! You're a lucky boy to be able to be a part of all of that. :}

I've said this before, but I get a kick out of how some animals make eating a banana look like such a chore.

The video of the tiger training was my absolute favorite. Those were some huge pieces of meat the trainer was rewarding him with! So cute how he "opened wide"!! Loved it.

Clay and Katy said...

Brody and I loved the videos (Jack is at school)!!! Our favorite was the tiger video too!! I still love the red so cute!