Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jalapeno Peper

Well, I've been wanting to to a post on my beloved dog, Jalapeno (Jali) Peper, for a while now but it has been a little hard for me to actually sit down and do it.  I miss my dog so much that it still makes my heart ache to think that she will not be home the next time I go back to Indiana.  I'll miss kissing her cheeks and spoiling her!  I had a tendency of giving her a few extra treats or saving her a good piece of steak from dinner :)  She really liked that!  We would spend hours together when I was home.  She would always sit on my chest as I watched tv or took a nap!  She was the love of my life!

I'm not the biggest fan of 'cliches' but Jali truly was this mans best friend! =)  I don't know who all knows this but except for the second half of my senior year I really didn't enjoy high school.  I was EXTREMELY shy back then and didn't seem to fit in anywhere.  I didn't really have any 'good' friends.  Because of that I spent almost every friday night at home in front of the tv or something.   Well, Jali always had a way of finding her way onto my lap whenever I was feeling down or lonely and she always picked my spirits up!!

She was with our family for nearly 16 years!  We got her on TJ's 10th birthday (22 Dec. 1995) and then she was put to rest on 4 Aug. 2011.  Though I know it was hard for dad to do, I am truly grateful that he was able to do it and do it at home where she was comfortable.

After we moved to Indiana, Jali made a special friend with Ann who worked with Dad.  Ann also worked at the kennel that Jali would stay at if mom and dad were out of town.  Ann, and her daughter, took great care of Jali and even spoiled her!  She was just such a lovable dog!

Well, I have A TON of pictures because I was ALWAYS taking picture of her and with her.  These are just a few of them.  (As I have mentioned before, I HATE this blogger thing and can not figure out how to easily move pictures around and stuff.  Because of that they are all down in a straight line so it will be a LONG post.  Sorry)

 She looks pretty small so I'm guessing this was shortly after we got her.
 TJ and me with Jali
 The 5 little Pepers and Jali
 Missing Lynny
 With the Dad

I love these next two pictures.  Brynn and Jali just not quite sure of each other =)
At Kellys.  Kelly wanted me to go visit her but I couldn't leave Jali (mom and dad were out of town) so she let me bring her along!!
 I love how Jali and Dylan are looking at each other!

 With Dad
 The last few months I would find Jali in some funny sleeping positions.
 The cutest dog ever!
 Like I said, the cutest dog ever! =]
 She wasn't the biggest fan of loud noises.  Here she is hiding after the smoke alarm went off.

 I love this picture of her with Dylan!

 She spent many hours trying to escape from the madness of the little kids during our family get-togethers.

 This was one of the times she wasn't feeling well.
 Looks like TJ's birthday
 Another funny position
 And another
 and another
 and another
 This was after she was attacked by our neighbors dog.  The neighbors dog was lucky I was away at school.

 Did I mention she was the cutest dog!

 Another funny position

 I think this one is funny because she looks guilty of something

 People always think that I put her on that pillow but in reality I left it on the floor and she ended up finding it and made herself comfortable.  Such a spoiled dog!

 On mom and dads bed

 Our classic position

 Back when she was young, playing with TJ

 I'll always remember this.  I had just gotten back from scout camp that day and was exhausted so I crashed on the couch, surprisingly without Jali on me.  When I woke up there she was sleeping on my face.  I actually woke up because she had worked herself in so tight next to me that she was making it a little hard to breath (I think her paws were across my throat).  Totally worth it =}
 With Dad

 Katy and Jack

 If I remember correctly this was the morning Lynny left for College
I LOVE this picture of mom and Jali
 The day I got back from my mission.  I remember dad wanted to run an experiment when I got back and he had me stand on the driveway (I believe next to him) and then someone put her down on the driveway to see who she would go to.  After 2 years, she went straight to me!!
 TJ showing Jali where I was on my mission

 Very Young Jali
 With Katy
 With Kelly

I love this picture but can't find the original so it is pore quality
When I was allowed or when I could sneak her away, this is how  she  would sleep with me!