Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Zoo

Just a few more pictures and videos!  As always, I love my otters!

If you look at the otter laying on his back, right next to the fence, you can see him tossing a little pebble in the air like he is juggling it.  I see them doing this every now and then and I find it hilarious 

Here is one of them juggling/playing with a cricket right before he eats it.  He was tossing it a lot longer but it took forever for my camera to load so this was all I was able to catch.  He also would push the cricket up the wall and let it slide down and do it over and over again.

We gave Kiak a little pumpkin the other day.  It is on the tree and then she smashes it.

She took a couple pieces into her pool with her.  If you watch the whole video, towards the end she gets more active with it!  Earlier, again before I got my camera loaded, she was putting the pieces of pumpkin in between her toes and lifting it out of the water.  In the video you can see her balance the pumpkin on her head and hold it on the bottom of her foot.  After seeing videos like this I just can not understand how scientists think it is a faux pas to give animals anthropomorphic characteristics....