Monday, March 29, 2010

The graduation part from my last post...

Dad and me after graduation.

TJ and Dad came to graduation (Dad I believe is on the phone with Lynny! We drove down to her house later that night)

One of my best friends out at school, Heather. We walked together.

TJ tried filming the walk. My camera isn't that great at recording, especially from distances, but you can get the gist of it, and hear it I think.

Pillow and Graduation

As usual this stupid blog thing is being a pain in the butt. As of now (for the past hour or so) these are the only pictures I could get loaded....

I believe that I mentioned on an earlier post that I am retiring from my "little" projects of creating stuff from my ostrich hides. This decision came after the disaster of a bag I made Lynny. Again, I am very sorry for that =} However, when I was looking at all of my left over material, I felt sad that I waisted so much of it. So I decided to to make ONE MORE thing with the left over material so I could use as much of it as possible. I wanted to try to make a floor pillow, kind of like the one grammy Peper had in her house (do you guys remember that??) I ended up cutting out 2 different square sizes so I made 2 pillows. Once again, it was WAY more work then I was anticipating and it didn't go as smoothly as I had projected in my head. Luckily I had Katy here to help! Nonetheless, I think I broke at least 2 sewing machine needles during the process.

I wanted to put zippers in it to make it easier to put the fluff in it so I recruited Katy to help with that. It was her first attempt at sewing a zipper (that is why I have a picture with her and her zippers!) She did great, much better then the ghetto job I would have done with it.

Anyways, they are finally complete and they are very comfortable as well. Jack loves laying across the big one. I bet Uncle Steve would have been proud of my little creation =) The only down side is they are a little slick right now. You slide off of them a little bit. I'm sure they just need to get broken in!