Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wilson Adventures - Part 2 - My New Buddy!

If you recall from my last post, at the start of my Wilson adventure, Kate didn't get the invite to most of our activities ]=  Well, over the last 3 weeks of my visit with them I was able to make up for that and Kate and I spent lots of quality time together!  We became new buddies!  One thing I LOVED was the way she says my name.  For the longest time I thought it sounded like "GEE" but Kelly probably got it right when she put it as "sTEE".  You decide...
I tried several times to capture her "saying" my name.  She would be saying it over and over again, but as soon as I pulled out my phone to record she would stop (little booger!) so it made it hard to catch a good video.

Either way I loved hearing it, for the most part [=  There were times when she would just start shouting my name to try and get me attention and WOULD NOT STOP until I looked at her and watched whatever it was she was doing.  Looking back on it I guess it was pretty dang cute.  Didn't always think so at the time though!

On several occasions Kate would start crying in her room (at night or during nap time).  She would cry and cry and cry for 'mommy', but after a while of nothing happening she would switch to crying and crying and crying for 'daddy".  If that didn't work she started to cry and cry and cry for 'sTEE'.  Mommy, daddy, sTEE.  I suppose thats the proper order {=  One night (or should I say morning) about 3:30-4:00am I heard her start crying (we shared a wall).  Well, sure enough it started with 'mommy, mommy, mommy...' (I tried to let her cry it out) then she shifted to 'daddy...' (I still tried to let her cry it out) but then she made it to 'sTEE'.  Most of Kates sentences when she talks were hard for me to understand.  Every now and then I could make out a sentence or two.  Well, this night, after she started crying for 'sTEE' (I still tried letting her cry it out), clear as day I heard her say/scream "sTEE, I waaant yooouuu!"  Sure enough she found my soft spot.  I got right up to go rescue her!  We headed down stairs to lay on the couch and I put on JoJo for her to watch.  We probably watched 4-5 episodes (that was big for me because I can't stand the show).  She finally got up and started wondering around and apparently stirred kelly and pj.  Kelly came out and informed me that all I had to do was give her another bottle and put her right back down and she would have been fine.  Oh well, I guess we spent a few hours bonding, right?!

Kelly and I affectionately nicknamed her 'The Beast'.  As I am sure many of you know, Kate is a VERY busy girl!!  Her beastly side would come out typically in the car or on the beach.

But we still had lots of fun together!!

The day after I left, Kelly sent me a text with this picture and a caption that read:
"Where sTEE? I no know. Oushshide??"
It about broke my heart!

The rest of the kids and I had some great times together as well (future posts).  But there also were some, lets say, trying times!

For some reason when we were in the car about to go somewhere, on several occasions, Dylan would inform me that "This was NOT my car." Or "I was NOT going with them (to where ever we were going)".  Most times I responded as an adult, but there might have been a time or two I responded, "Well, its not YOUR car either, its your mom and dads..." you know, the mature response [:

As I mentioned I spent a month and 4 days with the Wilson's.  That was the longest I have ever spent day in and day out with my little buddies.  I usually am pretty good at handling the madness that is kids for short periods of time.  Previous to this I have been able to give them back to their parents when they start acting up.  Well, that wasn't the case this time.  Again, we had great times together, but there were times when I would get overwhelmed and probably lost several points on the 'favorite uncle meter'. 

One night, after the kids were in bed, I was out by the TV waiting to start our nightly Big Bang Theory viewing, Kelly was in her room finishing some things up, and PJ was out running.  Well I noticed that Kelly went up stairs for a few minutes.  When she came back down she shared a story with me.  She said that Tyler had come down stairs to tell on Brynn and Dylan for keeping him up (or something like that...).  Kelly  told Tyler to go back up to bed and tell everyone that they are in big trouble.  Kelly followed up the stairs shortly behind Tyler and said that before she made it to their door she could hear Tyler talking to Brynn and Dylan, recounting what had just happened.  She heard Tyler say, "I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is mom said we are all in big trouble.  The good news is I sneaked down stairs without uncle steve even noticing, and he gets REAL mad!"

After she told me the story I had to laugh because it was pretty dang funny but a little sad at the same time to realize it had gotten to the point that I was known to 'get real mad'.  True, I got pretty mad at times, but I still love all of my little buddies to death!!!!

Oh, and this picture just cracks me up.  I loved the craziness of Kate's hair every night as her rubber bands were removed for bed.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wilson Adventures - Part 1

Starting in late June, I was able to start a month and 4 day stay with Kelly's family!!  It started when I drove over to their house in Illinois with mom and dad to go to Brynn's baptism!

After her baptism weekend, we took the kids back to Indiana with us leaving PJ and Kelly at home alone to get their house packed and ready to load the truck for moving.  They drove over the next week to join us in Indiana for the 4th of July!  That gave mom, dad, and I 5 days to spend with the little ones before their parents came.

One day I took them to the Indy Zoo (well, Kate didn't get the invite.  I was the only adult going and was worried I wouldn't be able to handle ALL FOUR KIDS by myself.  With how very busy Kate is all the time, it turned out to be a wise decision {=  It was hard enough trying to keep track of the 3 older ones without having to worry about Kate.  Sorry Kate, someday I'll take you to the zoo!!)  

This was an area where you could pet the dogfish (shark).  None of them were interested in doing that but enjoyed watching them swim around.

Here we were taking a break, eating some snacks.  I kind of messed up and we never really had a real lunch so by the time we left we were all a little hungry and grumpy.

Checking out some of the animals.

And some more.

Here was my favorite area, African Elephants!!  They had a little baby that was fun to watch.

After we left we headed to McDonalds for some ice cream and fries (trying to make up for missing lunch)! 

Another day we went to Wonderlab.  As always, the kids had fun.

Where's Waldo, I mean Dylan?

Here he is!

Grandma came so Kate was able to come to this adventure!

This was a fun crane machine that Tyler and I played with for a little while.  Tyler LOVED it.  Unfortunately another boy and his dad were playing on it almost the whole time we were there so we only got to play with it right before we had to leave. 

Another day we went to the movie Brave.  I loved it!  Oh, Kelly was actually here for this one, shes behind the camera.  

Its been awhile so I'm not remembering everything that we did that week, but it was just the start of my summer Wilson adventure!!  More to come...