Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random Stuff From 2012

As I mentioned in my last, Katy and I went to the Today Show while in New York.  Mom and Dad recorded it for us and while I was home over spring break I recorded the parts where we made it on the show!  The first video we are right above Anne's left shoulder.  Sorry Katy if these videos are embarrassing for you [:

This second video is brief and hard to see us.  It will be like finding Waldo!  See if you can spot us.

This next picture is from when TJ Dad and I went to a Colts game for TJ's birthday.

Most of you know that I have been having "issues" with my jeep.  She is sick.  She has a condition called 'The Death Wobble'. It is VERY frightening when driving on the highway (usually between 60-70 mph).  If I hit a bump, usually while on a curve, the front tires start violently shacking and it is hard to control. I have to slam on the breaks and try to pull over and stop in order for the death wobble to cease.  During our family reunion last year Jonah help fix the problem.  There isn't actually a "fix" for it but he added a thicker steering stabilizer bar which helped for a while and she was in remission.  Unfortunately it has come back.  So over spring break Dad graciously traded me cars so I didn't have to risk driving back across country with her condition.  It has been nice but I really miss my jeep.  Besides the death wobble she has been a GREAT car for me.  It was very emotional for me when I had to leave her when I came back out here for school.  I took her on a nice long ride the night before I left!

This past week I decided to go back up to Pittsburg for another baseball game since the Rockies were back in town (I went last year when they came).  Well, the weather here has been BEAUTIFUL.  Last week it probably averaged 75 degrees and might have even hit the low 80's, perfect baseball weather.  Well, I got a ticket for Monday nights game.  I'm sure you can guess, but Sunday night we had a freak blizzard and they ended up canceling the game, rescheduling it for a double header on Wednesday.  I unfortunately teach on Wednesdays so I was not able to go then.  I ended up calling the ticket office and found out that they do not give refunds, go figure, but that I could trade my ticket in for another game.  Luckily I was able to drive up Tuesday night!  I woke up Tuesday morning and I couldn't see any snow, anywhere.  A freak blizzard just happened to come through the one day of the past 2 months when I was planning to drive up to Pitt for my game.  If I was a conspiracy theorist I would think mother earth had it out for me [:

I also DID NOT want to have a seat next to any kids.  It is a well known fact that if you catch a foul ball and you are sitting next to a kid you have to give it to them.  There was actually an incident this past week in the news were a couple didn't give a ball to the kid next to them and it got blown way out of proportion.  I have never caught a foul ball and REALLY want to, at least once in my life and I would hate to catch my first one and then turn around and have to give it to some little stranger.  However, It wouldn't bother me if it was one of my little buddies!  That probably makes me sound selfish or crazy but isn't it every boys dream to catch a foul ball?  So wouldn't you know, when I walked to my seat Tuesday night I was right next to 3 little boys.  I guess mother baseball also has it out for me!  I didn't catch a foul ball but there was one hit on the ground right at us and the ball girl gave it to the kids. Oh well, maybe next time!

You guys probably don't care about these pictures but I thought it was pretty cool to be so close to them.  I got a ticket on the first row first base line!

Warming up before the game right in front of us.

Dexter Fowler.  He might be my favorite Rockie


Jamie Moyer.  Just made history for being the older starting pitcher to win a game.

Todd Helton.  Future hall of famer.



And of course I had to put a picture of my dog that I miss...