Friday, February 20, 2009


So, I'm not sure why the pictures all went in a line going down.  I had them clumped up when I was making it so I'm not sure why they got all stringed out...
I'm also no sure if you can blow up the pictures.  I don't know how to adjust for that.

Cali '09

Alrighty, so it has been awhile since I last posted something so we'll see if I can remember how to do this.

Last weekend I flew down to Southern California with one of my friends to go golfing and visit some families that we knew from our mission.  This was our second annual winter golfing trip.  Next year is going to be in Hawaii!!

When we were there we played 3 1/2 rounds of golf, went to Disneyland, did a little star gazing, and went to the beach.  Before we left the weather said it was suppose to be rainy the whole weekend... =(  Never-the-less we were determined to do all of the activities that we had planned and have fun doing it.  And sure enough, it was pretty rainy.  The good thing was that every time that we went to do one of our 'activities' the rain would stop!  Friday we started the day waking up to a little rain but when we left to go golfing it stopped.  As soon as we were done golfing and got in our rental car (a PT Cruiser, Convertible) it started pouring.  That night we headed over to D-Land and it was pouring the whole way there.  As soon as we entered the gates to the park it started trickling off and with in 10 minutes the rain had stopped.  Some blue skies even come through!  It was great!  However, since it was raining so hard before we got there all of the princesses went in side and didn't come back out after the rain stopped.  This was my second trip to D-Land and both times I missed the princesses and all the characters for that matter.  Oh well.
The rain did get us a little when we were in Hollywood putting our hands in the actors handprints (I know, very touristy...) It also rained a little when we were at the beach but that even cleared up into a very beautiful day with sunny skies!  We were so lucky.
One bad thing did happen monday morning.  We went out and got in our rental car and the battery had died so we couldn't get it to start.  As soon as we pulled out of the rental car place some battery light came on and a low tire light also came on.  I think it is a scam because when we were telling them about it when we checked it back in they were going to charge us for it but luckily I had a AAA membership card so they came out and fixed it for us.

It was also REALLY good to see some of the families that we got to know pretty well when we were there on our missions!  That probably made me the happiest!

Alright, here are some pictures:

Me and Kevin (Forbis)

Can you see my ball on the bridge?  That was the kind of day I was having...

I thought the little ones might like this picture.  Its Mater and Lightning Mcqueen!

This is the family that took us to Disney Land, the Zendejas.  Forbis and I taught the three of them (mom and 2 daughters) and then they were baptized after I was transfered.  They are so much fun!

Jeff, my old roommate came up from San Diego and met me at D-Land.

This is the Emerson family.  We taught Kevin (Brother Emerson) when we were together.  Forbis and I went to their sealing a couple years ago.  One of the greatest experiences ever!!  They are such an awesome family!

This is Brother and Sister Leavitt.  I served in their ward for six months.  We stayed there a couple nights.
At the beach!  We went to Santa Monica Pier 

I made a little sand castle just to say that I did  =)

Bay Watch!!!

We ate at the Bubba Gump Shrip Co. for lunch.  Its a restaurant inspired by Forest Gump.  It was fun but the food really wasn't all that good.