Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Update/ Office

Picture of the outside of the house. The second picture is of the desk I bought today. (I hadn't read moms comment on the other post to know that she was going to bring one out for me...) After I got the desk set up I was looking around for my ball (I use an exercise ball for my desk chair) and realized I couldn't find it. So I called Katy to have her check the trunk of the blue car which Clay drove out here with a bunch of my stuff to see if it was still in there and sure enough it was... Oh well. I guess I can keep using my box of movies for the next week and a half.

This first picture is of my office from the doorway. The second is looking in the opposite direction and the third is of the desk I have been using. I supposedly will be sharing the office with another grad student but she hasn't shown up yet. I might get it all to myself!!

I also went to get a parking pass for my Jeep today and they gave me a "faculty/staff" parking pass! How cool is that!! I get to park in the forbidden spots now. I will also be getting a faculty email or something like that so the students from my lab can get a hold of me. Its all still kind of weirding me out =}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Frostburg Housing

I was talking with TJ today and he said I needed to update my blog now that I am out here at school and "actually have something to update". So I thought I would snap a few pictures as I am relaxing in front of my Rockies game and do a quick update. Since it is dark out I don't have any pictures of the outside of the house yet.

It is definitely an old school house. Wood window frames and doors that barely fit together and creak really bad as you open and close them. It has a basement (as I found out today) but i didn't get any pictures of that because it freaked me out when I discovered it. It seriously looks like a basement straight from some horror movie, probably will never venture down there again! I have also discovered today that the house has a swampy smell, or something like that. An old house smell...

Anyways, these first two are of the down stairs laundry area/bathroom. The only shower is downstairs.

This is a little storage area off of the kitchen

Some shots of the kitchen. It actually is pretty roomy but doesn't have many cabnits

Looking in from the front door

This first picture is the room to the right as you come in the front door. It will eventually become our tv room. The second picture is looking from the tv room back into the room with the table that you saw from the front door.

The top of the stairs looking down the hall. My room is on the right. Right behind me is the upstairs bathroom.

Upstairs bathroom

This is looking into my room. It is still messing because I am trying to find places for everything to go and I still don't have a desk or anything.

The first picture the door is directly to my left. It also is a picture of my make-shift bed. Mom and Dad will be bringing a MUCH NEEDED bed over labor day weekend!! The second picture is looking from my bed over to the closet area. It is the dumbest closet design ever.