Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to Lynny's

This past weekend I headed down to Utah. I had originally planned on going on my first hunting trip which I had been planning for MONTHS but since I had just started getting over the swine flu, everyone thought that I shouldn't go...so I regretfully didn't go. (It turns out that the guy I was going to go with said it was a lame trip, no deer and the wind was blowing 40 mph the whole time) So I guess it was better that I didn't go.

Anyways, TJ called earlier in the week and said that I could come down to Utah to go to the BYU game with him since Julia had to work. I looked to be a great game so I decided to go. (Turns out, not such a great game...)

I then realized that Lyndsay had just moved there so I gave her a call and ended up see her and her family for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I am glad I made the trip!!!

Jared, Me, and Madison
Jared and me. Madison was laying on the floor for some reason...

Julia, Baby Steveo (inside Julia of course =), Madison, TJ, Jared, Me, Lynny.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swine Flu, Pictures, and Piranhas

Alrighty, so I have survived the swine flu!! It knocked me out for quite some time. I didn't eat for 4 days so I am still trying to get my strength back and I think that is one of the worst parts of the whole thing. Another horrible part of it was getting tested for the flu. If you ever have the choice, DON'T GET TESTED... they take these long Q-tips and shove them up both nostrils and it feels like they go 6 inches past your eye balls. It was a horrible experience....
But I know I am a wimp .

Anyways, these are some pictures that I found on my camera.

Story time with Lynny.

I think Dad took these when we were at the zoo.

These are some videos that I'm guessing Kelly took. Very talented!! =)

This is a video of our Piranhas. We had some other ones that got really big (the size of your palm) but they died over the break between semesters. Here they are eating. This isn't the best video. I have a better one but of course it is to big to upload to my blog so this will have to do.