Thursday, June 5, 2008

Take 2.2

Some things we are looking for, otter track and their scat. Then here are 3 pictures of the cabin I am living in. The first 2 are from either end then the third is just from the front. It's cozy!

take 2.1

The first 3 pictures are of the "crew" at the Abraham Lincoln State Park. (me, Steve, Maggie) These are the 2 grad students I am working with. The next 2 pictures are of us cutting up dead beaver to use for bait on the track plates. I had to use the less grew-sum pictures because I think my friends got mad when I posted those on my facebook account...

Take 2

Alright, so I once again am having problems with this blog thing. After I upload the pictures they show up in my screen as computer language or something so I don't know where to insert my comments. I'll just do that in a next post or something.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

North Dakota- Take 1

Well I thought I would post a few pictures that I have so far. Some of the better pictures are on other cameras right now so it might take a little while to get those. I forgot to get pictures of my cabin so those will come later. I also will post some from my trip to Lynny's once I get them from her. (Again, some might be repeats from what she posted) Anyways, things are going great here in North Dakota. We started doing otter survey's last week which entailed us walking up and down river banks for HOURS a day (7-8 straight hours of walking) looking for otter signs such as their scat and prints, latrine sites and slides. Its been fun learning how to recognize these things and to just be out in the "woods". However, my feet and ankles are KILLING ME =) Oh well, hopefully I'll get into shape soon! I also am getting a killer farmers tan and I shaved my head to help find the ticks that are over running my body. They are insane out here.

Some guys dog followed us for about 5 miles. Here he is trying to get my lunch.

This is me counting scats at a latrine site.

Well, I tried uploading more pictures but this thing is acting up, like always, and it isn't letting me. Maybe later...