Friday, July 25, 2008

Disaster?? I guess not!

Just a quick update. I just got back from the Verizon store to see if they could fix my phone. I told the guy that my phone had gotten wet (not how it got wet =) and he opened it up to look at it. He said that the water indicator sticker didn't change colors at all and that it looked like it should be working. He then took it apart and said everything looked fine and wasn't sure why it was messing up. He then called it in to have them send me a new phone under warranty!! When he was on the phone with the people he found out that they were out of the phone that I have (the Razor) so they were going to send me a brand new phone. The guy was all excited for me because he said it was a much better phone and he has never had someone bring it back in with problems. That made me very happy because previous to falling in the river with it I was having a lot of trouble with that phone. So I guess the moral of the story is that sometimes it is a good thing to fall into a river =)


Alrighty, so lately I have been working on my own project looking for signs of river otters on some of the rivers up here. By doing this I am walking on all four sides of the bridges that cross my specific river that I am working on looking for their latrine sites. (they supposedly like to go near bridges and things out of the ordinary...) However, the rivers I have been working on have been very relentless. As you will see in the pictures the vegetation is VERY thick and hard to walk through and there are a lot of steep cliffs. I have been walking on the edges of these cliffs because the latrine sites are typically right there on the edges. But since the vegetation has been so thick I haven't been able to see where exactly I am stepping. There have been countless times when I blindly would step and then fall into some random hole and almost break my leg or almost fall off of the cliffs or into the river. It just so happens that the other day I was walking on the grass by the river (the vegetation wasn't bad at all there) and one spot of grass I stepped on didn't have any earth beneath it, instead it was water. Yes, I fell into the river. The crazy part is that the river was probably ankle deep all over EXCEPT for the one spot I fall into. I found the one deep hole in the river. It went up mid chest on me. Ahhh. And I previously had decided to carry my phone with me incase I did fall into a hole or something and break my leg so I could try to call for help. Well, it turned out that I couldn't call for 'help' because my phone is now practically broken. What a disaster....

The picture of the cliff I'm guessing is 15-20 feet even though it doesn't look like it.
The picture of the vegetation is actually over my head there.

And yes, the farmers tan. The same day I fell in the river I was driving the 4-wheeler ALL day and totally forgot to put suntan lotion on. I was already pretty dark from the summer but this made it a little worse =)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Western Hat

Alrighty, well to explain this post.... I have wanted a 'cowboy hat' for years and since I am up here in North Dakota I thought that this would be a pretty good area to buy one. Sure enough the mall had a western store so I went in and talked to some guy about them (I wore him out with questions) and ended up buying one. It feels really weird and I'm not so sure how it looks so I need my sisters or whoever to give me your HONEST opinion. I know mom will be honest with me about it! My feelings wont be hurt. I figure if all else fails then I'll have a nice hat for decoration!

One of the pictures is of me holding "pepperweed" another is of a cool cloud.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Take 3.5

And here are a few of me hard at work =)

Take 3.4

A couple more that I liked of the fishers. One has 2 fishers in the picture which is a little unusual to see. We think they must be juveniles.

Take 3.3

And some more...

Take 3.2

Here are just some other pictures I thought were neat or funny.

ND Take 3

Here are some pictures of the fishers that we have been looking for. These are some of the better ones that have gotten!